January 14th rehome update…

It is with great sadness that we have, in consultation with our farmer, decided to cancel the rehome scheduled for January 14th.

Despite extensive bio security measures in place and equipment purchases being made to sanitise crates…vans and people. We simply cannot risk going ahead with the rehome given the current situation.

We had hoped that because there is no restriction on movement of hens at this time we would be able to proceed in line with DEFRAS suggested biosecurity guidelines and we were well prepared to do so. 

However after thrashing out every possible outcome and measure with our team and our farmer ….cancelling, although not the ideal situation, was the most secure and sensible way forward.

We will be contacting all rehomers to discuss what happens next and we hope you all understand this decision. Believe me it was not taken lightly and has been extremely hard on everyone from management and farmer to volunteers and rehomers.


thank you