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Top Tips for a Happy Rehoming

So you have your hens reserved and made your donation – what next?

  1. In the week before the rehoming (usually on the Monday), your local volunteer will email to give you their collection address and a pick up time. Please look out for their email (it may go to your junk folder) and reply as soon as possible confirming you can make the given time.
  2. On collection day please ensure you have suitable carriers to bring your hens home in. Cardboard boxes from the supermarket are fine and cat carriers or dog crates work well too. Ensure boxes have letterbox style slits along the sides to allow fresh air in – hens are very hot and can quickly overheat if there is not enough ventilation. Line the boxes with some straw to stop them sliding about on the way home.
  3. Try to arrive on time as you are part of a ‘big plan’ for the day, but be prepared for a short wait – it can be hectic and it’s quite easy for the volunteers to get caught out and run behind.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask your FSFH volunteer questions – they are very knowledgeable and can advise on any concerns you may have. Beware though, most can talk your ears off when it comes to chickens.
  5. Ensure your hens are secure in their boxes- there is nothing worse than walking down the path and your hens drop out the bottom of the box, or hens getting out in the car on the way home!
Sturdy boxes or cat carrier work well

Sturdy boxes or cat carrier work well

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